New SEO Tricks to Apply in Your Campaign for Improved ROI this 2016


You have seen how much SEO has evolved in just a short time. But nothing has changed with each brand’s will to improve and further increase their ROI. The thing is, as SEO evolves each year, new techniques and strategies begin while old ones become obsolete fast. That leaves you then with this question – how would an online marketer determine which new strategies to add in their campaign and would help improve their overall ROI?

The answer: talk to an SEO consultant. Such a professional not only informs you about the latest techniques you should include in your campaign today, but also guides you to those that work. That is how the expert at nyseoexplode, can help you achieve your ROI goals. But for the time being, take a look at the list below. These are the tricks you should include in your campaign and focus on for guaranteed improved return on investment.

Mobile-Friendly Websites

With the popularity of smartphones came a new trend regarding users’ preference when searching the web. This trend involved an increase in the number of people who prefers to search more online using their mobile phones than desktop. Hence, your primary priority now should be centered on ensuring a mobile-friendly website.


Otherwise, you will likely miss a huge traffic opportunity to improve your ROI. Of course, other than making your site mobile-friendly, you want to ensure that they work well for all mobile devices. Running a mobile-friendly test would give you that assurance.

Videos for Quick Access to Information

Experts say that content is king, and it is if you consider the number of years that it remained so. However, recent survey shows that videos have finally dominated content when it comes to getting information. This is because, for users, getting information is easier done from videos. So, expect that videos will become the best content marketing approach this 2016. What does this mean? If you want to reach your audience easily and efficiently, it is time to spread your message the audiovisual way.

Voice Search Grows Significance in SEO

seoThis SEO trend closely relates to the need to making your website mobile-friendly due to consumers increasing use of smartphones. Moreover, voice search is a function that users are becoming more attracted to use than text search these days. Given that, this function becomes another aspect you must focus on to meet the mobile-friendly requirement.

How do you that? For one, the information found on your website must easily answer the question phrases Who, What, When, Where, Which and How. Usage of relevant long-tail keywords will be highly useful in this aspect, especially in providing the exact information users are looking for. Of course, you need to increase your efforts in local SEO as well.

Remember: There are Three Elements that Matter in Search Ranking

search rankingIt is easy to forget other things when concentrating on another. You become so focused on creating good content, building links and sharing them to different channels that you forget other important elements that matter in search ranking. Hence, despite your efforts, you fail in getting to your goal.

Just Choose Three Channels at Most

You would think that you are maximizing your efforts by sharing your content in several different channels. But the truth is, you do not. Instead, it just wastes your time and even possibly kills the opportunity to improve your ROI.

chennelsWhy? It is for the reason that these channels have audiences that behave differently from each other. Therefore, your content may gain popularity in one channel but there is no guarantee that it will also do well once shared another. So, if you truly want to make the most out of your efforts, just settle promoting your content in three channels.

However, your issue does not stop from picking these channels. You want to do well in these channels, hence you must pick those where you know your content will do best. You can accomplish that by considering the following factors when choosing:

  • Number of visitors obtained from each channel
  • Time spent in promoting on these channels
  •  Money spent in each

The key here is to choose the channels that bring you the most visitors in consideration to the time, money and effort spent. Also, make sure to identify these three channels first before you start creating your content.

For the most important tricks, your effort must not stop once you integrate all those tips above on your SEO campaign. There is this so called continuous updating and promoting you need to do as well to ensure that your ROI will continue increasing.