What are Badge Lanyards?


There are various types of lanyards. Here, the focus is badge lanyards and what their purpose is. The badge types are made from flat polyester and come in a variety of attachments. These lanyards are best for ID badges and name badges. These lanyards are great for use in conventions, events, trade shows, government institutions, security personnel, and schools. There are also various types of badge lanyards including those with bulldog clips, with metal swivel hooks, with split rings, and with trigger snap swivel hooks.

The ones with bulldog clips are easily attached to the badge lanyard and they keep the badge to face forward. The lanyards with the split rings are normally used with attachments like strap clips. The swivel in lanyards that use metal swivel hooks helps to keep the badge face forward. The bulldog clip is easy to attach to the badge lanyard, but it does not swivel.

The badge lanyard can be customized to fit a client’s specifications. One can choose from breakaway, reflective, earth-friendly, reflective, flat, round, and custom. Badge lanyards, like most lanyards, come in four primary widths. The 1/8” round is best to be used for one time only. It is perfect for trade shows and conferences. The ¼” round has a safety breakaway and enables the badge to be detached easily from the lanyard. The ¾” flat is a day-to-day wear option. Lastly, the 5/8” flat is durable and looks great to be used every day. This option is perfect for office workers.

One can also have a choice between a breakaway lanyard and a non-breakaway lanyard. The breakaway feature releases lanyards from the neck when the lanyard is pulled. This eliminates the risk of choking. Breakaway lanyards are best for use in manufacturing facilities, schools, or any other institution or facility that prioritizes safety.

Why are badge lanyards advantageous? This type of lanyard is used to protect identification cards and extend their usability for a long time. Whether one works in a small or big company, lanyards with badges can be one of the better security measures that any company can implement. They are also light and comfortable and would not damage blouses, jackets, or shirts the way that using pins do. Lanyards, especially the ones with badges, are great as one’s name is displayed. It spares the person the embarrassment of talking to a coworker whose name the former may have momentarily forgotten.

Badge LanyardsThe badge-type lanyards are excellent as promotional materials for organizations and businesses participating in exhibits and conferences. When the lanyard has an appealing and unique design, custom lanyards may be worn outside the exhibit or conference. This way, a company gets more exposure from more people. With the right color schemes and designs, lanyards can be excellent giveaways for trade shows. Lanyards may also be utilized for promoting a company’s advocacies. For example, a company’s fundraising even or charity drive logo can be printed so that wider audiences can have access to them.

More importantly, badge-type lanyards can be appreciation tokens to be given to loyal customers. These lanyards are affordable and companies know that they are handing out items that their customers would actually use.

Aside from being normally used as ID card or badge holders, badge lanyards can hold small electronic devices like cameras, mobile phones, MP3 players, and USB flash drives. Such lanyards are useful particularly if you have to constantly move around and need to bring with you your valuables.

Other uses of such lanyards are in sporting events. They can also be used to hold keys and other useful items that may be lost in one’s wallet or purse. Despite its unassuming appearance, the lanyard does promise a lot of advantages for its user.