Buying Used Golf Clubs


The smartest method for beginners in the game of golf is to purchase used golf clubs. This is primarily for the reason that most experienced golfers choose to either sell or trade their old sets of golf equipment because they want to upgrade to the newest and latest models in the market today. Buying a used golf club is also the perfect option for novice golfers who either have to stick to a budget or do not want to break the bank.

Here is the step-by-step procedure that a beginner golfer can perform in order to find the right golf club from an old possessor.

Golf clubThe first step in buying used golf clubs is to determine the specific type of clubs that a golfer needs. A novice golfer is advised to look for a golf club with a fairly solid shaft which ensures better control. The club should also be equipped with a sweet spot on the club face to avoid perfectly hitting the ball which oftentimes results to a decently good shot. An intermediate golfer, on the other hand is advised to seek a golf club with a flexible shaft. The club should also have a compact head which allows a  to experience a better feel while swinging the club. This guarantees that the game is fine-tuned.

The next step is to settle on the kind of shaft that a golfer prefers more. A beginner golfer can choose between graphite shafts and steel shafts. A club shaft made of graphite is oftentimes lighter. But it is crucial to check for pits and abrasions which can weaken the shaft. A club shaft made of steel is believed to last for a longer period of time as long as this is free from rust or not bent. A steel shaft is also more affordable than a graphite shaft.

The third step is to confirm that all golf clubs that are included in a complete set have the same brand, model and the stiffness of the shaft. According to regulations, a golfer is allowed to have a maximum of 14 clubs with three woods and irons numbered 2 to 9, putter, a pitching wedge and sand wedge.

The fourth step is to examine the club head. There should be no wear, dings and dimples around the club face. Clubs with worn spots and dimples make it more difficult for a golfer to straightly hit the ball and set the ball to a proper spin. The alignment of the club head should also be checked. The head should be squared to the ball whenever a golfer is about to take a shot.

The fifth step is to inspect the grips of the golf clubs. It is important to remember that worn grips need replacement and the cost will definitely add to the total cost of the purchased golf club. The presence wear and split on the golf club can mean that it is not properly taken care of.

It is best to ask the existing owner whether or not a beginner golfer can demo the preferred golf club. There are several golf shops and golf courses that allow interested buyers to practice with the golf club to get a feel of it. A novice golfer who is buying from a private seller is advised to swing the clubs a few times on the lawn before paying for them.

According to golf experts, it is best to look for used golf clubs that are manufactured by well-known and trusted brands when it comes to golf equipment. Some of the trusted manufacturers of golf equipment are Callaway, Taylor Made and Cleveland.

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